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We specialize in the austempering heat treatment process. The result offers our clients better products with greater ductility, higher impact resistance, and less distortion than those made using the conventional oil quench and temper process.

Atmosphere Heat Treating Overview

Experiments at US Steel labs, in 1931, were designed to determine time required for austenite transformation in steel.

What was found was very surprising...

The resulting patent brought about a new way of quenching and tempering metals that would result in a more consistent hardness, greater toughness, better wear resistance and a resistance to hydrogen embrittlement. This process is known as austempering.

Although austempering remained a lab experiment for a number of years, technology has come about which greatly increased the cost efficiency of the operation.

At Atmosphere Heat Treating, our facility is equipped with the latest continuous mesh belt processing furnaces which allows us to process the most fragile of parts efficiently while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Quality System
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Atmosphere Heat Treating
30760 Century Avenue
Wixom, MI 48393
248 960 4700